Quick Searches:
IP blocks 192.168.28 or 192. Lists all alloctions starting with that set of octets. Note that matches on the first octet MUST include the period to be considered an IP search.
CIDR blocks 192.168.28/30
Lists all /30's beginning with 192.168.28 or checks for an exact match for respectively
IP address Finds the alloction that IP is a part of (if any)
Customer ID: 123456 Find all alloctions to that customer. Customer IDs are assumed to be numeric for this search.
Description: cable or BigCustomer Find all allocations with the search term in the description. Note that searches for CustIDs with letters will fall under this category unless CustIDs are all-numeric.
A blank query will "show all"
The title in the top right hand corner is a link home.
Subnet Calculator
/   Show subnet mask, wildcard mask, and possible subnet ranges for the entered mask length.