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3Installing the IPDB
61) Untar in a convenient location. Note that all URLs referenced internally currently assume they will be
7presented at http://host/ip/.
92) Edit cgi-bin/ you need to set the database DSN and company info. You
10should probably also set the syslog facility and default custid.
123) Edit cgi-bin/ as needed to validate customer IDs.
144) Create the database, and the inital tables using cgi-bin/ipdb.psql.
165) User lists can be maintained two basic ways:
18 a) Use the built-in user manager to add and remove users. This requires mod_auth_pgsql, configured
19with read/write access to the IPDB users table. A default user admin, password admin, is created in step 4 above
20- make sure to create a new user as an admin, and remove the default user.
22 b) Maintain an external .htpasswd file of your own, configured however you like. In this case the script should edited to match the .htpasswd filename/path and should be called from cron to
24make sure new users get added to the database, and old ones get deleted. This extra maintenance of user lists is
25necessary to support the access controls, which are stored in the database.
27You will have to either temporarily create a user "admin", so that user can grant other users priviledges, or run
28the following on the database:
30UPDATE users SET acl='bacdsA' WHERE username='newadminuser';
32Replace 'newadminuser' as appropriate.
34If you don't do this, nobody will be able to make any changes; only grants read access.
37Basic installation should now be complete! Add your ARIN, RIPE, LACNIC, AfriNIC, or APNIC allocations and start
38documenting your netblock usage.
40If you want to export rWHOIS data, see for a place to start on setting up an
41rWHOIS server. Note that creates and maintains the net-<cidr> trees, all you have to do is
42configure the daemon itself. Schedule runs of cgi-bin/extras/ followed by rwhois_indexer. You'll
43need to fill in correct organization contact info in
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