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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Version
#22 Allow calling various components from another site as a wrapper new somebody major
#57 Add uber-searchbox to find ALL TEH THINGZ new major
#66 Add DNSSEC support new major 1.6
#68 Add batch processing/import new major 1.6
#2 Make optional/non-core bits really optional new somebody minor
#6 Multicolumn sort in various lists new somebody minor
#7 Support alternate templates new somebody minor
#8 Support multiple sets of default records per group new somebody minor
#21 Allow logging to be directed to various places new somebody minor
#23 Add SPF assistant along with official support for the SPF RR type new minor
#24 Extend SOA handling to support different serial number arrangements new minor
#28 Add email notification hook new minor
#34 Add some magic to automagically initialize and auto-upgrade the DB new minor 2.0
#39 Support multiple DNS server clusters from a single UI instance new minor
#40 Add support for scheduled changes new minor 1.2
#42 Add command-line change tool new minor
#44 Add HTML mode for RPC calls new minor 1.6
#46 Add "shadow domains" new minor
#48 Online help new minor
#49 Investigate online help options new minor
#52 Add hook(s) for more notifications new minor 1.6
#54 Add a configuration knob for record validation strictness new minor
#55 Extend record management to permit CNAMEs to be handled as the root domain new minor 1.4.1
#56 Simplify creating records from BIND-style third-party info new minor
#59 Add batch wrapper for RPC new minor
#61 Add "record change attic" for easier reversion of changes new minor 2.0
#64 Add RPC search capability new minor
#65 Add check for subdomain-as-new-zone new minor 1.6
#67 Add session ID to logging table new minor
#70 Add bulk zone data export new minor 1.4.0
#71 Add "associated records" new minor
#72 Tighten CNAME validation to block cases that fail various validators new minor
#3 Add record type editor new somebody trivial
#4 Object-ify the record types new somebody trivial
#5 Show immediate-parent group in domain record list new somebody trivial
#13 Add an "eat-my-data" option new somebody trivial
#14 Add a "back to <parent>" link in log for domain new somebody trivial
#15 Add subgroup count to group list new somebody trivial
#16 Add links into log listing in users, domains, groups listings new somebody trivial
#19 Log security violations separately new somebody trivial
#20 Don't log failures immediately new somebody trivial
#29 Change user-edit page to show all custom permissions checked when type is superuser? new trivial
#36 Access control - long term new trivial
#41 Add support for "lockable" record edits new trivial
#58 New pseudotype: Subdomain MX new trivial
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