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#54 new enhancement

Convert VRFs into top-level entities instead of leaf attributes of individual allocations

Reported by: Kris Deugau Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 3.0
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VRFs are currently poorly used and applied leaf attributes of allocations; promote them to the other end of the chain by request.

Change History (14)

comment:1 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [806]) /trunk

Promote VRFs to top-level entities. See #54.

1 of mumble; convert index page to list VRFs instead of master blocks.

comment:2 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [808]) /trunk

Extend UI to browse into a VRF. See #54.

comment:3 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [808]) /trunk

Extend UI to browse into a VRF. See #54.
Also extend breadcrumb segment to show the VRF.

comment:4 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [810]) /trunk

Add "Add VRF" page. See #54.

comment:5 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [811]) /trunk

"add VRF" action etc. See #54.

comment:6 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [812]) /trunk

Update listSummary() to slice by VRF. See #54.

comment:7 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [815]) /trunk

Pass VRF in to add master page, and include it in the database checks. See #54.
Add missing breadcrumb links on add master entry and confirmation pages.

comment:8 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [816]) /trunk

Add getVRF() to retrieve default location for the add new master page. See #54.

comment:9 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [818]) /trunk

Introduce a more "relaxed" layout for listing VRFs and master netblocks -
interleave the lists of master blocks for each VRF with the VRF heading,
instead of formally separating them onto different pages.

Refine and adapt showvrfs.tmpl to show the master blocks instead of
reinventing another wheel.

See #54.

comment:10 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [820]) /trunk

Add "delete VRF" confirmation and action pages. Refine link from showvrf
template since a VRF is a completely different type of entity than a
netblock. See #54.

comment:11 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [822]) /trunk

Tweak to populate bare minimum data into the new VRF top
level so that data doesn't disappear completely. See #54.

comment:12 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [832]) /trunk

Rollup commit for many collective refinements. See #54, mostly:

  • reference variable for DNSAdmin link URL
  • remove stale fields from listSubs() return
  • docucomments in getTypeList()
  • accept "description" as an alias for "desc" in allocateBlock(), to better match updateBlock()
  • refine selection of the IP to assign based on the VRF when called with a bare IP - mainly useful for RPC where the pool ID might be hard to come by
  • further refinements in keeping the VRF tagged on allocations more like the master_id; invariant once originally set rather than a freeform per-allocation field
  • refine RPC calls for DNS updates on successful allocation
  • add a hook/flag to allow assignment-by-update on pool IPs, mainly for RPC
  • refine RPC calls on allocation updates
  • make deleteBlock() smarter so that the caller can just pass the type in
  • refine returns from getBlockData() for various call points
  • tweak internal lookup chain retrieving rDNS info and reference pointers
  • add a sub to retrieve the rDNS zone ID (or IDs) that matches an allocation

comment:13 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [837]) /trunk

Refine and regularize name for allocation type in RPC argument hash
Update rpc_allocateBlock for new VRF status and tweak the missing-data

flags. See #54.

comment:14 by Kris Deugau, 8 years ago

(In [872]) /trunk

Review and update addMaster() to properly handle new data structures
and VRF as a top-level entity (see #54)

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