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#3 HTML output cleanup enhancement critical 3.0
#12 Merge CustID checker from /branches/stable to /trunk enhancement major
#15 Switch CGI handling to (semi-)standard third-party modules enhancement major 2.8
#21 Create minimal interface to change email notification settings enhancement major 2.7
#34 SQL cleanup - use DBI ? substitutions, move all SQL into defect major 2.8
#5 Allow arbitrarily nested containers/allocations enhancement minor 3.0
#7 Block munging - "split this block" and "shrink this block" enhancement minor 3.0
#8 Block munging - "merge blocks" enhancement minor 3.0
#24 Block munging - "reserve space for growth" enhancement minor 3.0
#26 Weed out ViaNet-isms task minor
#10 VLAN tracking enhancement trivial 3.0
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