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#2 new enhancement

Fix email notifications

Reported by: Kris Deugau Owned by:
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Add hooks for email notifications on all actions, using a database table to see who to spam.

Optionally, allow users to request notifications on certain actions

Change History (7)

comment:1 by Kris Deugau, 14 years ago

Priority: majorcritical

comment:2 by Kris Deugau, 14 years ago

(In [408]) /branches/stable

Comment out mailNotify calls to prepare to accept merge of redesigned
notifications. See #2, #13.

comment:3 by Kris Deugau, 14 years ago

(In [415]) /trunk

Genericize and comment a lurking mailNotify() call. See #2.
Remove a couple of stale, legacy, irrelvant comments.
Genericize another email address reference. See #2 (sort of).
Remove a legacy sub that's never been used, from a module due
to be removed itself. See #15.

comment:4 by Kris Deugau, 14 years ago

(In [416]) /trunk

Update mailNotify to use new table notify to decide who to spam
with notices on various events. See #2.

  • existing notification calls updated. Still need to move calls into's subs
  • and updated with new semiglobal vars for org name, SMTP host, domain. Will add others as needed so can be moved to /etc/ipdb/ (see #17).

Internal allocation types will need to be rearranged somewhat to
make full use of the flexibility possible. See #20.

comment:5 by Kris Deugau, 14 years ago

(In [452]) /trunk

Squashed a mail bug in the admin tools; wasn't calling
mailNotify() correctly. See #2.

comment:6 by Kris Deugau, 14 years ago

(In [454]) /trunk

Renormalized (AKA copy-pasted) existing mailNotify call in admin.cgi
against calls in main.cgi due to incomplete fix in r452. See #2.

comment:7 by Kris Deugau, 10 years ago

Priority: criticalminor

Still need to move the notify call into core subs in; currently notifications are only sent by callers. May need to add a flag in the call for eg the RPC API to prevent mail notices.

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