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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#31 Cleanup - Trim down the mess of warnings in the Apache error log defect new 07/19/10
#9 Layer-2 node dependencies enhancement new 05/07/10
#13 Copy, merge and clean up trunk -> stable propagation, naming, etc enhancement new 05/10/10
#40 Add RPC shim for other systems to call 2.8 enhancement new 05/14/13
#1 DNS integration 3.0 enhancement new 05/07/10
#41 Add flag table for deciding which blocks have rDNS RPC actions done 3.0 enhancement new 06/25/13
#54 Convert VRFs into top-level entities instead of leaf attributes of individual allocations 3.0 enhancement new 03/07/16
#53 Review and fix forced-custid behaviour defect new 02/03/16
#2 Fix email notifications enhancement new 05/07/10
#4 Rewrite search system enhancement new 05/07/10
#6 Allow contiguous-IP "subnets" to be allocated from static DSL pools enhancement new 05/07/10
#14 Update, tweak, and rearrange to support multiple instances enhancement new 05/11/10
#17 Expand/extend general configurability enhancement new 05/17/10
#18 Add interface to define new alloctypes within existing classes/groups enhancement new 05/18/10
#20 Clean up and regularize alloctypes enhancement new 05/18/10
#23 Create hook points to add extra data at various points enhancement new 07/07/10
#30 Add template space for "local" links enhancement new 07/19/10
#32 User management: Add configuration flag to tell where user/pass info is maintained enhancement new 07/19/10
#39 Add "usage class" flag/field to master and routed blocks enhancement new 03/01/12
#50 Rebuild add/edit forms as complete programmatic table/list templates enhancement new 01/16/15
#51 Migrate logging calls into IPDB.pm enhancement new 07/30/15
#56 Add checkbox or list of "related" A and/or PTR and/or A+PTR records for allocation delete enhancement new 12/21/16
#57 Block munging - "extent block" enhancement new 09/18/17
#36 Browser compatibility crosscheck task new 09/08/11
#59 Use RETURNING for retrieving a freshly assigned sequence ID task new 04/19/18
#22 Check IPv6 handling 3.0 defect new 07/05/10
#52 Add space to store device configuration data 3.0 enhancement new 10/07/15
#55 Add space to note usage for specific IPs in an otherwise non-pool allocation 3.0 enhancement new 06/29/16
#11 User ACLs enhancement new 05/07/10
#16 Convert IPDB.pm and MyIPDB.pm to object-oriented wrappers enhancement new 05/17/10
#19 Generalize mailNotify to support eg jabber enhancement new 05/18/10
#25 Walk router config info to check actual netblock usage with what's stored enhancement new 07/07/10
#27 Add DB initialization on first use enhancement new 07/14/10
#28 Autoupgrade database on upgrade enhancement new 07/14/10
#33 Move $IPDB:: variables into the database enhancement new 07/19/10
#35 Add admin tools component to manage IP addresses in .htaccess enhancement new 09/03/10
#37 Extend "wifi tower/fibre demarc" stub enhancement new 11/15/11
#38 Add config flag for allowing private-IP allocations by default enhancement new 11/16/11
#60 Allow custom rWHOIS contact details on a per-allocation basis enhancement new 10/01/20
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